XNX Universal Transmitter

Pipe Mount Kit – 1226A0358
For use on pipes from 50-100mm (2-6 inches) in diameter. The kit includes: Pipe mount bracket, (2) carriage bolts, nuts and lock washers. 

Remote EC Sensor Mounting Kit – SK3RMK
The remote sensor mounting kit (SK3RMK) allows the XNX EC sensors to be remotely mounted via an IS cable kit, up to 15 meters (50 feet) from the transmitter. The kit includes 15 meters of shielded cable, cable glands and remote terminal box. The cable can be cut to the required length and terminated at the remote terminal box.

Ceiling Mount Bracket Kit – 1226A0355
The optional ceiling mount bracket kit allows XNX to be mounted to a ceiling. The kit includes: (2) stainless steel ceiling mount brackets, bolts and nuts.

Duct Mount Kit – 3001A0408 and MPD Interface Adapter – 1226A0382
The duct mounting kit (3001A0408) can be used with the EC sensor to allow detection of flammable O2, CO, H2 and H2S gasses in ducts. When combined with the MPD interface adapter (1226A0382), the duct mounting kit can accommodate the MPD to detect flammable gases in a duct application. The duct mount kit includes the adapter, gasket and required fasteners. The MPD interface adapter includes only the adapter and requires the 3001A0408 duct mount kit.

Calibration Gas Flow Adapter

The calibration gas flow adapter is used to apply calibration test gas to the sensor. It push fills onto the bottom of the sensor and can be fitted without removing the weatherproof cover. 
– 02000-A-3120 – MPD
– 02000-A-1645 – Sensepoint
– 00780-A-0035 – 705

Weatherproof Cap

The weatherproof cap protects the XNX sensors from harsh weather. 
– Included – XNX EC
– 02000-A-1640 – MPD
– 02000-A-1640 – Sensepoint
– 00780-A-2076 – 705

Collecting Cone

The collecting cone improves detection of lighter-than-air gasses such as Hydrogen and Methane. 
– 02000-A-1642 – MPD
– 02000-A-1642 – Sensepoint
– 02000-A-1642 – 705

Remote Gassing Kit- 1226A0354
The remote gassing kit enables gas to be applied remotely for performing functional response checks. Kit includes 50′ Teflon® tubing, mounting bracket, tube cap and device adapters in ¼” and 1/8″ ID to attach to bump test ports on the weatherproof cap of your device.

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