KSIM 1090

KSIM 1090

The KSIM 1090 is an excellent infrared carbon dioxide gas detector designed to work with control panels from KIMESSA or other manufacturers. This CO2 monitor, which is diffusion-based and encased in a durable iron container, may be calibrated by one person. The KSIM 1090 allows for direct CO2 level monitoring via a 3.5mm jack connection.

KSIM 1090 is a top-notch infrared carbon dioxide gas detector that is made to work with KIMESSA or other manufacturers’ control panels. One person can calibrate this particular CO2 monitor, which is diffusion-based and housed in a robust metallic container. KSIM 1090 enables direct monitoring of the CO2 level through a 3.5mm jack connection.


  • The Infrared CO2 monitor is compatible with external panels
  • Users of the customizable KSIM 1090 outputs can choose between 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, and digital BUS
  • Capable of multi-optional programming and data logging
  • The linearized measurement range for the CO2 Monitor is 5000 ppm to 5.0 vol.%
  • Temperature compensation from -30° C to +70° C is added to the output signal
  • The KSIM 1090 has a revolutionary function that makes it possible to directly test the gas level using a 3.5mm jack connection, increasing the CO2 monitor’s total versatility
  • The CRC (Calibration Remote Control) is a portable optical calibration instrument that may be used with the KSIM 1090 to calibrate remote CO2 monitors


Dimensions (L x W x H)

110m x 95m x 68mm


550 grams

Measuring Range

0…5000 ppm / linear

0…10’000 ppm / linear

0…25’000 ppm / linear

0…50’000 ppm / linear

Operating Temperature

-30 °C … +70 °C

Protection Class

IP 54

Cable Analogue

3-core cable,

shielded, 3×1.00m2

Output signal BUS (digital)


Cable BUS (digital)

4-core cable,

shielded, 4×1.00m2

Supply voltage

16.0 … 30.0 VDC

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