The Lion Alcoblow Breathalyzer is simple, rapid-response equipment used to evaluate whether or not a person has any alcohol in their breath. It employs the Lion fuel cell sensor, so the reading is unlikely to be influenced by anything other than the alcohol in the subject’s breath.


The AlcoBlow® breathalyzer is the perfect alcohol detector in scenarios where multiple people have to be quickly checked for alcohol levels in the breath. This can include police roadblocks, educational institutions or safety-critical industrial environments.


In Active mode, the subject blows into the sampling cone until the instrument collects a sample for alcohol analysis. Within seconds, a colored light with a beep tone appears to indicate whether or not the sample contained alcohol. The system then clears itself, and it is ready to test the next individual within seconds. This process is completely automatic and requires no button clicks or resetting between testing multiple people.


In Passive mode, the operator presses the Passive button to collect a sample of breath from the subject’s surroundings, ideally while they are speaking. Again, the display system immediately determines whether or not the patient has alcohol in their system. This Passive mode is also perfect for testing the air above fluids to see if it contains alcohol.


Please note: 0.10mg/L BrAC is equivalent to 10ug/100ml, and to 100ug/L

Alcohol Sensor Lion fuel cell (micro version)
Warm-up Time Normally within 3s of sampling
Recovery Time Typically 2s at 0.00mg/L; 20s at 0.50 and 40s at 2.00mg/L
Operating Temperature Range 5 to 40°C, for optimum operation
Power Supply 4 new AA cells give at least 5,000 breath tests
Detection Limit 0.04mg/L BrAC, or equivalent in other units
Calibration Standard Either a dry-gas or a wet-vapour simulator
Dimensions 265 x 48mm
Weight Approximately 300g, with batteries
Warranty One year, parts and labour
Specificity Unaffected by all other likely breath contaminants


Note:- The Alcoblow cannot be used for evidential purposes. For evidential alcohol screening, check out our other breathalyzers/alcohol screeners here.

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