Lion Alcometer® 400

Lion Alcometer® 400

The Lion Alcometer® 400 is a quick and accurate breathalyser that can do quantitative breath analysis and may be used almost anyplace. Because it employs the Lion fuel cell sensor, the reading is exceedingly unlikely to be influenced by anything other than alcohol in the subject’s breath. The 400 is fully automatic, controlled by a microprocessor, and extremely simple to use.


The Alcometer® 400 is a breathalyser widely used by police forces all over the world for screening and evidential testing and is type approved by the Home Office(in its SL-400 configuration) in Great Britain, for use by UK police in the United Kingdom.


The operator turns on the device and connects a new mouthpiece to the sampling port. The individual is then instructed to blow through it until the sample is taken. A short time later, their alcohol level is displayed on the clear, easy-to-read display, which is illuminated for nighttime use.


After taking the reading, the operator removes and discards the mouthpiece. After a short delay, the instrument is ready to be used on the next subject as required. If necessary, the last test result can be recalled to the display. Each breath alcohol reading is also securely kept in memory, along with the date and time.


This instrument must be checked with an alcohol standard on a regular basis and, if necessary, recalibrated. The user can do this using an AlcoCal® product, or a service-by-mail. A Printer Kit [printer plus carry case] is also available for use with this instrument. This generates a permanent record of each test, with space for the manual of other details, such as names and locations. This may also be ordered as the complete 400P if required.


Please note: 0.10mg/L BrAC is equivalent to 10ug/100ml, and to 100ug/L

Alcohol Sensor Lion fuel cell (standard version)
Warm-up Time There is no heater, so no warm-up time
Response Time Typically 4s at 0.00mg/L; within 10s if alcohol is present
Recovery Time Typically 5s at 0.00mg/L; within 30s up to 0.50mg/L and within 60s between 0.50 and 2.00mg/L
Operating Temperature Range -5 to +45°C: +10 to +40°C for optimum operation
Power Supply 5 x AA cells give at least 2,500 breath tests
Measuring Range 0.02 to 2.00mg/L BrAC, or equivalent in other units
Calibration Standard Either a dry-gas or a wet-vapour simulator
Calibration Checking: Recommended once every two monthscalibration Adjustment: Should not be required more than once a year
Dimensions 169 x 80 x 39mm
Weight Approximately 525g, with batteries
Warranty One year, parts and labour
Specificity Unaffected by all other likely breath contaminants
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