Searchpoint Optima Plus including HART® Point Infrared Gas Detector

Searchpoint Optima Plus including HART® Point Infrared Gas Detector

The Searchpoint Optima Plus is a market-leading Point IR (Infrared) gas detector that detects a wide spectrum of hydrocarbon gases with great performance. Searchpoint Optima Plus delivers a versatile gas monitoring solution that is excellent for a variety of hazardous applications owing to its resistance to severe weather effects such as snow, fog, rain, and sunlight, as well as its fail-to-safety operation.


The inclusion of HART® to this device allows sites with a 4-20mA output to receive value-added functionality without incurring extra infrastructure wiring expenditures, as HART® works by superimposing a digital signal on an existing 4-20 mA connection, requiring no additional cabling.
Honeywell Analytics has over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of point infrared gas detection and currently has a worldwide installed base of over 100,000 infrared point Hydrocarbon gas detectors in a wide range of applications ranging from light industrial to the most demanding offshore petrochemical environments.

The Searchpoint Optima Plus is ideal for environments where catalytic bead poisons or inhibitors are present, or where harsh environmental conditions force increased time between routine maintenance, for example, offshore oil and gas platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels, tankers, onshore oil and gas terminals, refineries, LNG / LPG bottling plants.


What is HART® Gas Detector?


HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a widely used digital communications protocol that allows users to obtain real-time data, status indicators, and diagnostic information from intelligent field devices. It operates by superimposing a digital signal on top of an analogue signal that already exists. HART® has the advantage of requiring no additional field cabling because it uses the device’s 4-20 mA signal wire.

HART® can also help to reduce costs in a multitude of ways. For example, it eliminates the requirement for proprietary handheld devices; a field engineer may access any HART® equipped equipment on-site using a single HART® gas detector handheld device.


  • Access full information from Searchpoint Optima Plus, anywhere in the current loop
  • No associated infrastructural costs, unlike other communications protocols
  • Save on set up costs by eliminating the need for proprietary handheld devices
  • Long-term expenditures can be reduced by enabling proactive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance.
  • Save a field engineer investigation trip – “know before you go”



Measuring Range 0-100% LEL, wide selection of Hydrocarbon gas and vapour calibrations.
Signal Output 4-20mA autosensing sink or source
Inhibit 1-3mA (Default 2mA)
Warning 0-6mA (Default 3mA *)
Fault 0mA (HART® units adjustable to 1mA)
Over Range 20-21.5mA (Default 21mA)
Digital Output Optional Multidrop Modbus RS485 (via XNX, Optional HART® over 4-20mA output (HART® version 7)
Material 316 stainless steel
Weight 1.6kg
Marine Approvals Marine Equipment Directive (MED), type approvals from DNV, BV, ABS, Lloyd’s Register
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