XNX Universal Transmitter

XNX Universal Transmitter

XNX is a highly adaptable transmitter that can be configured to accept input from any of Honeywell Analytics’ gas sensor technologies. It can also be configured to provide a wide range of industry-standard signals. This enables users to have a single type of interface for all of their gas detection needs, even when multiple types of detectors are used, to monitor the various gas detection applications on-site most efficiently.


combination of gas detection methods, such as point flammable detectors (both catalytic and infrared), toxic and oxygen electrochemical cell detectors, and open path infrared detectors. XNX provides a common transmitter interface to all of the above, that may be adjusted to give industry-standard signal outputs to match the specific requirements of each application or the preferred site standard. If the output standards at the site change, XNX can be recalibrated to provide the new output. XNX has also been future-proofed by having the ability to have other output modules fitted as new output standards are developed and adopted by the industry.


Having a common transmitter platform for all of your gas detectors provides further advantages. The use of common tools and installation methods simplifies and lowers the cost of installation. The uniform user interface makes operations easier to understand and browse, decreasing the time required for training as well as the possibility of incorrectly interpreting messages or changing settings. Common spare parts also mean lower maintenance spares, stock levels and costs for all detectors. XNX enables you to choose the most appropriate gas detection technology for each application, standardize the interface to those detectors, and offer the necessary signal outputs.


  • Flammable gas detection 0 to 100% LFL/LEL
  • Point IR with heated optics provides immunity to poisoning and no hidden faults
  • Open-path IR flammable gas detection in LEL-m measurement
  • Electrochemical cell offers toxic gas detection in ppm
  • IR cell provides CO2 an combustible gas monitoring
  • Robust and reliable operation in explosive areas and harsh environments
  • Supports Honeywell Analytics Searchline Excel, Searchpoint Optima Plus
  • Failsafe operation
  • Fast speed of response
  • Reduced routine maintenance
  • Immune to catalytic poisons
  • Long operating life
  • Works in inert atmospheres

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