XNX Universal Transmitter – Gas Detectors


  • Compatible with all Honeywell Analytics gas sensors
  • Allows selection of best sensor technology for each application
  • Choice of all industry standard output signals
  • Ability to adapt configuration as site needs change
  • Future-proofed for any new output standards

Common Transmitter Platform

  • Simplified and reduced cost of installation
  • Reduced training time and cost
  • Less chance of misinterpreting messages
  • Less chance of incorrectly changing settings
  • Reduced maintenance, spares, stock and cost

Global Approvals

  • European, US and Canadian
  • Compliant with ATEX, UL and CSA standards
  • ATEX, UL and CSA performance approval (Pending)
  • IEC61508 SIL 2 (Pending)

Easy to Use

  • Easy read multilingual backlit LCD with text, bar graph, digits and icons
  • Local or remote sensor mounting options
  • Selectable sink, source or isolated 4-20mA output to suit preferred wiring topology
  • HART® communications as standard for remote diagnostics/configuration

Reduced Operational Costs

  • Fully configurable via non-intrusive magnetic switches
  • No hot work permit needed
  • Hot swap toxic and Oxygen sensor cartridges
  • Serviceable catalytic and IR sensors
  • Auto-inhibit during maintenance

Friendly Installation

  • Integral surface mounting lugs or optional pipe or ceiling mounting brackets
  • 5 x M25 or ¾” NPT cable/conduit/sensor entries
  • Plug-in ‘POD’ module removes to give access to terminal area
  • Removable plug/socket type terminal blocks for ease of wiring

Typical Applications

  • Offshore oil and production platforms
  • Oil and gas exploration and drilling
  • Refineries
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Onshore oil and gas terminals
  • Gas transmission
  • Power stations
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