Quantum Scientific LTD is Ireland’s very own gas detection and monitoring solutions provider, offering a wide range of gas detectors, sensors, and gas monitors for every sector.

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Secure Your Enterprise From All Gas Hazards

Quantum Scientific specializes in fixed, portable gas detectors, alcohol screeners and breathalysers. If you own an industry that works with dangerous gaseous substances or you own an institution or any space that needs monitoring of the components of the air Quantum scientific is the answer you were searching for.

With our fixed gas detection systems, you can protect individuals and industrial locations from hazards. Our high-quality products and training services ensure that all of your personnel are protected from harmful gases.

Portable gas detectors are devices that continuously monitor the air around the user. These lightweight, and durable instruments are routinely used to inspect confined spaces, such as tanks that come into contact with hazardous gases. 



We offer cutting-edge breathalyser solutions with high performance and accuracy. Choose from our extensive inventory of breathalysers based on your requirements, whether they are for personal use or testing a large group of individuals.



We provide air sampling pumps, sample bags, sorbent tubes, and other air sampling equipment. We also offer maintenance, calibration, and training services for air sampling equipment. 



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Who are we?

QSL is a national leader in the development of gas safety and monitoring solutions. Since 1987, we have been delivering unbiased product recommendations and gas safety solutions. We have been providing high-quality gas detection services and gas analysis instruments to the Irish industry, government instruments, and educational institutions for many years. Quantum Scientific Ltd is dedicated to delivering and supporting you with any product related assistance after installation. 

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Our products and services include air sampling equipment, gas detectors and a broad range of gas detection controllers to provide full monitoring, alarming and control functionality. Our solutions are scaled to suit our customers current and future gas detection needs if required. We also provide breathalysers capable of testing a large number of people along with accessories that help in recording and printing the tested alcohol levels.

The Best Solution For all industries
The Best Solution
For all industries

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Our reputed clientele includes Industries, manufacturing sites, government institutions, educational establishments. We keep our clientele growing with our commitment to providing quality gas detection technology.

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Make The Most Out Of Your Gas Monitoring Equipment.

Our range of services will help you get the best results from your gas monitors. We offer equipment training services for proper usage of equipment. Our experts help you follow compliance and calibration norms while setting up your equipment. Make sure your equipment remains in it’s best condition with our monitoring and repair services. Our custom engineered solutions can help provide guidance as to the best gas monitoring solutions for your industry.