The Need For Nitrogen Detection

Excess Nitrogen in the atmosphere can lead to the formation of pollutants such as ammonia, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and other nitrates, which can impair our ability to breathe and cause severe damage to our health. 

Nitrogen gas detection is important as nitrates can cause severe damage to the atmosphere and life on earth. Large amounts of industrial nitrates have resulted in increased pollutants in the atmosphere which has increased respiratory issues. Nitrates also contribute to phenomena like acid rain and smog further affecting the environment.


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Nitrogen gas detection is essential to conserve the environment and life. If your industry uses Nitrogen ensure that you do not affect the environment with our Nitrogen monitoring solutions. 

Quantum scientific Ltd enables you to keep your industries running smoothly with the strategic placement of gas monitors and sensors to detect excess Nitrogen levels accurately. Run your industry smoothly without affecting the environment without Nitrogen detectors.

The Most Abundant Gas In Our Atmosphere

Nitrogen (N2) is a colourless and odourless gas. Nitrogen can be found in the soil beneath our feet, as well as the water we drink and the air we breathe. In fact, Nitrogen is the most abundant element in the Earth’s atmosphere, accounting for roughly 78 per cent of all the air on earth. Plants cannot survive if there is insufficient Nitrogen as they depend on it for producing food. While Nitrogen is required for our food production, too much Nitrogen can be harmful to life.

Nitrogen is an important component of DNA and other nucleic acids. The most important of all biological molecules and crucial for all living things are DNA and RNA, a nucleic acid present in all living cells, acts as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA. The genetic information, or instructions for how to build a life form, is carried by DNA. Plants can’t produce amino acids if they don’t get enough Nitrogen. Organic compounds that contain Nitrogen and hydrogen make up many living cells, muscles and tissue.

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Industrial Uses of Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen gas is used in a variety of commercial food and beverage manufacturing processes. Gaseous Nitrogen is used in alcoholic beverage sparging to achieve high-quality brewing. N2 gas is also used in food packaging to keep commercially manufactured foods like chips fresh for longer.

Almost every synthetically manufactured drug on the market today contains Nitrogen in some form. Nitrogen gas is required for the production of several types of drugs, including antibiotics. Nitrous oxide, a common anaesthetic, is a gaseous Nitrogen compound.

Nitrogen is used in Gas and oil inerting systems. To prevent fire or explosion of hydrocarbon vapours, oil and gas tankers fill the empty space above the liquid fuel with inert gases like Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is also used in industrial gas purging. Purging is the process of adding Nitrogen gas to an inert atmosphere to displace atmospheric gases.

Nitrogen gas is pumped into confined spaces like mines during fires to displace oxygen and reduce the damage caused by combustion. The same process is used while a mine is abandoned after resource extraction to inert the mine.