CO2 Monitors For Carbon Dioxide Detection


Carbon dioxide is odourless and colourless — making it impossible to detect without the right CO2 Monitor. In addition to many other concerns, CO2 levels beyond a particular threshold can suffocate oxygen and nitrogen: posing an asphyxiation risk.


Quantum Scientific Ltd is backed with industry experience and expertise in gas detection. We provide the best possible advice when it comes to safety protocols. Keeping industrial environments and fleet managers in mind, we can assist in choosing the best CO2 monitors for your firm.


Safeguard your enterprises with our cost-effective CO2 detectors.

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Quantum Scientific Ltd optimises your enterprises with the strategic placement of CO2 monitors that detect CO2 levels accurately. We help safeguard your personnel.


QSL’s CO2 detectors are compatible with numerous sensor options and guarantee fast response. With low maintenance requirements while offering a long lifespan, our sensors assist in keeping you and your enterprise safe from all CO2 hazards.

Dangers of Excessive Carbon Dioxide

Despite being only being 0.4% of atmospheric air there is no other gas that has gained as much bad reputation as carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is a harmful gas at high concentrations. Due to human activities, its concentration is increasing consistently to alarming proportions. As a major greenhouse gas, CO2 continues to spike the overall temperature: slowly and steadily over decades.


The effects of CO2 exposure on health can vary. There are many additional symptoms, including convulsions, breathing difficulties, sweating, fatigue, a raised heart rate, high blood pressure, and tingling or pins-and-needles feelings.


Prevent CO2 perils. Opt for our popular CO2 monitors and keep track of your immediate environment.

Environments That Work With Our Industry-Best CO2 Detectors

Monitoring carbon dioxide levels indoors identify the transmission risk of viral infections such as coronavirus. CO2 monitors depict how well-ventilated an area is — indicating the potential concentration of a virus in the atmosphere.


Apart from identifying asphyxiation risks, QSL’s portable and fixed CO2 detectors can prevent coronavirus contagion. Our sensors prompt users to make necessary changes to keep fresh air flowing.

Recently within the construction industry, the importance of monitoring air quality and the effectiveness of ventilation systems has come to the fore.


Taking the lead for safety, Quantum Scientific Ltd implements CO2 gas sensors in HVAC systems to determine CO2 concentration in indoor spaces and supply air ducts. Our durable and easy-to-integrate detectors send relay instructions, averting threats.

In the petrochemical industry, oil recovery, Urea, and Methanol production require CO2. Carbon dioxide is also crucial in the manufacturing of plastics and rubber.


QSL extends air quality monitoring to remote locations with Petrochemical enterprises. We provide responsive and quick warnings when toxic CO2 levels are detected, regardless of the size of the plant.

From the initial brewing process to the end stage of packaging, CO2 is a considerable hazard throughout the manufacturing process.


Our gas detectors, both portable and fixed, are extensively relied upon in the beverages industry. QSL ensures easy operation that minimises risks. Our precautionary system effectively warns nearby workers to vacate the premises if in danger.