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Compromising On-Site Safety Is Never The Right Move

  • Not following safety requirements can bring you compliance issues.
  • Your employees will not feel safe while working.
  • You could be putting your assets at risk

What You Stand To Gain With Our Fixed Point Gas Detection Systems

We Are Ireland’s Leading Gas Detection And Safety Solutions Provider

We offer gas detection solutions in terms of both fixed and portable gas detectors and monitors for various industries.

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Our reputed clientele includes Industries, manufacturing sites, government institutions, educational establishments. We keep our clientele growing with our commitment to providing quality gas detection technology.

Safety First; Always

Since 1985, Quantum Scientific Ltd has provided gas detectors and gas analysis services to Ireland. Our expertise spans the industrial sector, government organisations, and academic institutions alike. Our gas detection systems meet a variety of requirements, including monitoring and analysing the amount and volume of gas. Our sales and service teams are always available to assist you with the installation, maintenance, or servicing of your gas detection equipment.


We are compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 European accreditation and through our expertise in gas safety services, we offer you guidance and consultation on the proper use and implementation of our array of products.


Fixed gas detectors are gas detectors that are permanently deployed in a site that can be a potentially hazardous environment. To offer effective and suitable detection, all aspects of fixed gas detection systems must be provided. This necessitates knowledge of the gases that may be present, the environment that must be protected, and the alarm elements that will warn of the danger.


The risk potential is usually significant in facilities where gas is present. Fixed-point gas detectors, also known as area monitors, are widely employed in industry to safeguard employees, equipment, and sites against unintentional leaks of poisonous or flammable gases and vapours. Fixed point gas monitors can trigger alarms and activate suppression and mitigation devices if harmful gas is detected. Fixed gas detectors are often installed in a grid pattern or at vulnerable positions near high-risk zones.

Not Sure You Need Fixed Gas Monitors?

We offer a large selection of gas monitors for a multitude of industries including:-


  • Boiler Houses

  • Laboratories

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Breweries

  • Government Institutions

  • Schools and colleges


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