Laboratory Gas Monitoring Solutions

We Help You Protect Your Laboratories From Gas Hazards

Laboratory Gas Detection Solutions

Harmful gases such as Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen are used in high concentrations in laboratories which can become a safety hazard for such a workplace.


To minimize and safeguard the workplace from the risk of gas hazards in a laboratory where the risk is the highest considering the use of various lethal gases for live sciences and research purposes it is essential to utilize a gas monitoring system.


Quantum Scientific’s gas monitors and detectors cater to the monitoring needs of live sciences, research, bio-pharma, and university laboratories.


Our fixed and portable standalone CO2 monitors and other detectors can be configured to the specific requirements of the laboratories. The sensors can be placed remotely in a place where there can be a leakage.

Your Safety is Our Responsibility

Quantum Scientific provides safety against a variety of harmful and lethal gases in laboratories. Due to the substantial hazardous danger to your health from these harmful gases such as CO2 in the event of any leakage, installing a CO2 Monitor is highly essential to create a safe workplace and avoid another incident like Chernobyl.


They are also crucial in ensuring compliance with exposure standards and the safety of the workmen. As the location of the detector is essential for the accuracy of the measurements, it is vital that all installations of gas monitors are done by professionals and experts.


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ATEX Approved Gas Detection Systems

Laboratories are more prone to hazards as they use a number of explosive and combustible gases. This can lead to significant harm to both the onsite personnel and the workplace assets.


Our ATEX-certified gas monitors are engineered to operate in potentially hazardous environments with complete reliability, safeguarding your workplace.

Strategic Placement and Early Detection

Setting up a laboratory gas monitoring system can be a complicated task. For timely detection of any leakage, several sensors and gas monitors have to be carefully installed at specific locations where there is a potential for any gas leakage.


This will help you in detecting risks and avoiding any accidents on time and ensuring the safety of your workplace. After reviewing your facility, QSL experts will completely assist you in installing gas and CO2 monitors strategically in your laboratory.

Toxic Gas Detection

Laboratories work with hazardous gases on a regular basis as part of experiments or as byproducts created from chemicals and research activities. We provide specialised sensors that can effectively detect a wide range of toxic and harmful gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) and chlorine, which are corrosive and harmful in nature.


Gases like CO2 can endanger your workspace and working personnel and cause asphyxiation due to oxygen depletion. Our CO2 monitors detect dangerous gases on time and alert your central control system to help you take the necessary safety measures.

Portable Gas Detectors for Personal Protection

Our range of portable multi-gas detectors can be retrofitted to monitor specific gases. This will ensure a safe, hazard-proof workplace and help the workmen stay safe from any dangers inside the facility.


Gas monitoring for laboratories is much easier now with our wide range of portable gas monitors that can be used in small compact spaces.

Carry On With Your Research.
QSL's Gas Monitors Have Got Your Back!

Laboratories work on valuable research that can change the world. These experiments make human life better but can be dangerous to perform. The last thing you need to worry about is accidents happening during research. QSL can help you secure your research space from all types of gas hazards with our top-grade gas detection solutions.


Strict monitoring and control of gaseous compounds are mandatory requirements for any laboratory. Relying on quality safety equipment can protect your company from unprecedented hazards. Maintain your credibility and prevent misfortunes with Quantum Scientific.

We Are Ireland’s Leading Gas Detection And Safety Solutions Provider

Quantum scientific Ltd enables you to keep your labs running smoothly with the strategic placement of gas monitors and sensors in your laboratories. We understand the risks that come with maintaining a laboratory and believe our expertise can go a long way when it comes to it. 

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