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Quantum Scientific Ltd has been providing gas detectors and gas analysis services to the Irish industrial sector, government organisations, and academic facilities since 1985. Our gas detection systems are designed to meet a range of needs, including the quantity and volume of gas that has to be monitored or analyzed. Whether it be the installation, maintenance or service of your gas detection equipment, our sales and service teams will always be there to give you a hand. 

About us - Quantum Scientific
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Quantum Scientific, founded in 1985, is a leading provider of fixed and portable gas detection, instrumentation test equipment, and ethanol gas detectors.

We follow the ISO 9001:2008 European accreditation since 2011. 

Our certification has been upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 since.

welcome to QSL


Our objective is to provide apex quality gas analysis, gas detection calibration, and instrumentation test equipment to the Irish industry. We take pride in being impartial and objective in our analysis and help you in ensuring the safety and effective functioning of your facility’s operations.
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Quantum Scientific has built up a reputable clientele because we provide personalized services to each unique client, whether it is a single point of detection or 100+ points of detection. We take pleasure in delivering on schedule and ensuring that our clients get what they need when they need it. 

Quantum Scientific is known for its punctual and non-disruptive services. Our team takes special care to ensure that your production is not disturbed during installation. As a company, we pride ourselves on excellent service and customer care.

Quantum Scientific specializes in the sales, service, installation and maintenance of gas analysis and detection equipment.

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