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Don’t Lax On Safety

  • The Pharmaceutical industry involves dangerous gases in production and gas detection is a necessity

  • The use of nitrogen in pharmaceutical production often leads to oxygen depletion in sites

  • Detect volatile organic compounds with our gas detectors and air samplers

  • Continuous environmental monitoring is a necessity in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

We Can Help

Keep Your Employees Safe With Constant Gas Monitoring

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is the backbone of the health industry. It uses several dangerous substances like Ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Chlorine, Ethanol, Freon, Hydrogen, Hydrogen chloride which can be fatal on exposure. Ensure employee safety at all times by deploying our range of cutting edge toxic gas detectors. 

Our range of multi-gas detectors can help you keep your employees safe at all times 

Never Compromise Product Quality Because of Volatile Organic Compounds and Gases

Not many sectors demand severe quality control regulations or as many routine quality assessments as the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The pharmaceutical industry poses a variety of risks since it constantly works with bio-active compounds and extremely dangerous substances, and its products must adhere to stringent regulatory conditions.

Continuous monitoring of the environment in production and storage facilities will be part of quality control procedures to detect and quantify the amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our range of fixed gas monitors provide reliable data routinely and may be incorporated into a centralised monitoring system or mobile applications for constant monitoring. Our gas detectors accurately measure external factors like air humidity and total volatile organic molecules which can gravely affect your product quality. 

Keep Your Site Safe From Fires and Accidents With our ATEX Approved Gas Monitors

The pharmaceutical industry involves the usage of various explosive and flammable gases and compounds. This necessitates the usage of ATEX approved explosion-proof gas detectors. Quantum Scientific is Ireland’s leading provider of ATEX certified gas detectors and air samplers that the pharmaceutical industry requires.

Our range of Infrared personal gas monitors can ensure safe gas detection in potentially flammable environments.

Stay in Control of Your Manufacturing Sites

Keeping the pharmaceutical industry safe can pose to be a real challenge as it requires – 

  • Specialised safety equipment
  • Staff that is trained to operate gas detection equipment
  • Routine maintenance and recalibration of gas detectors
  • Centralised monitoring systems

At Quantum Scientific Ltd we assist you in tackling all the above-mentioned issues. Our team of experts assist you in every step to ensure safety and compliance. Our range of safety equipment products coupled with our many years of experience and proven track record means that you will always be in the safest hands.

Talk to us and let us help you. Our expert consultants will get in touch with you and understand your requirements. This helps us give you the most efficient solution catered to your requirements.

We Are Ireland’s Leading Gas Detection And Safety Solutions Provider

Quantum scientific ltd helps you through all steps from choosing the right sensors and devices for your site to training and routine maintenance.

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