Gas Detection For Educational Institutions

Keep Your University Space Safe From Gas Hazards With Our Gas Detection Systems

Student And Staff Safety Is A Priority

  • University spaces often have a lot of labs, boiler rooms and other spaces that need constant gas monitoring

  • Spaces like craft rooms are always vulnerable to fire hazards

  • Undetected gas hazards can cause significant collateral harm on campuses since there would be a high density of population

  • Detect oxygen depletion and toxic gases with our gas detectors and air samplers
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Universities are vital sites where a lot of research and development takes place. College laboratories might have to work with hazardous compounds such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, ethanol, hydrogen, and hydrogen chloride, all of which can be lethal if inhaled. Utilize our wide ranger cutting-edge toxic gas detectors to ensure student safety at all times. Our multi-gas detectors can assist you in keeping your university space secure from gas leaks at all times.

Detect Volatile Organic Compounds Early

Long term monitoring in laboratories and research facilities is required to detect and measure the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our fixed gas monitors give accurate data on a regular basis and may be integrated into a centralised monitoring system or mobile application for continuous monitoring. To keep research safe, our gas detectors correctly assess external parameters such as air humidity and total volatile organic compounds. 

Keep Your Colleges Safe From Fires and Accidents With our ATEX Approved Gas Monitors

Various explosive and flammable gases and chemicals may be used in laboratory research in universities. This involves the use of explosion-proof gas detectors that are ATEX certified. Quantum Scientific is Ireland’s leading source of ATEX certified gas detectors that can meet any and all gas detection needs for institutions.

Our range of Infrared portable gas monitors can ensure safe gas detection in potentially flammable environments.

Secure Gas Detection For Universities

Keeping safe university spaces where key research occurs can pose to be a real challenge. It requires:

  • Specialised safety equipment
  • Staff that is trained to operate gas detection equipment
  • Routine maintenance and recalibration of gas detectors
  • Centralised monitoring systems

At Quantum Scientific Ltd we assist you in tackling all of it. Our team of experts assist you in every step to ensure safety and compliance.


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Our reputed clientele includes Industries, manufacturing sites, government institutions, educational establishments. We keep our clientele growing with our commitment to providing quality gas detection technology.

We Are Ireland’s Leading Gas Detection And Safety Solutions Provider

Quantum Scientific Ltd helps you through all steps from choosing the right sensors and devices for your College to training and routine maintenance. 

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