Gas Detection Training

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Become Experts In Using Gas Detectors

Use gas detectors efficiently with our training programmes

Leave No Room For Error In Hazardous Gas Detection

  • Improper usage of gas detection equipment can lead to accidents
  • Improper handling of gas detectors can lead to gases being undetected causing harm to life and worksite
  • Not knowing how to maintain gas detection equipment can damage the gas detectors

Why Proper Training Is Imperative

Gas detectors are specialised instruments and require proper training for efficient usage. Without gas detection training we enable you or your employees to:

  • Understand the basic functioning of the gas detector you chose
  • Understand the various sensor specifications that you require
  • Learn basic calibration and adjustment of sensors
  • Recognise and differentiate between various alarms and notifications

Change batteries and use other accessories if required

Rapidly respond to emergencies in the event of a hazardous gas leak

gas detection

Gas Monitoring Training At Quantum Scientific Ltd

We Are Ireland’s Most Dependable Gas Safety, Detection, And Monitoring Company. Quantum Scientific has been providing gas detection and safety advice since 1985. Our training sessions will ensure that you can competently operate and maintain the gas detectors we provide.


Our training sessions involve both lessons on the gas detector as well a practical application training of the gas detector. This makes sure that your employees can operate the gas detectors properly at all times


Quantum Scientific Ltd has been supplying gas detectors and gas analysis services to the Irish industrial sector, government organisations, and academic institutions since 1985. Our gas detection systems are designed to meet a wide range of needs, including the amount and volume of gas that must be monitored or analysed. Our sales and service teams are always available to help you with gas detection equipment installation, maintenance, and servicing.


We are in accordance with the European ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

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