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How Secure Is Your Brewery?

  • Brewing involves a lot of Carbon Dioxide
  • Nitrogen is also used in various phases of brewing
  • Breweries are at constant risk of oxygen depletion
  • Protect your employees from these risks with our wide range of gas detection systems.
gas detection for breweries

Maintaining Product Quality While Keeping Safety in Mind

Quality brewing involves some dangers for the people working in the industry. But these risks can be avoided with the right precautions. It Doesn’t matter if your brewery is small-scale or large scale, gas detection is essential to protect your brewery and your staff. 

Quantum Scientific helps you set up the right gas monitoring system for your brewing industry.

ATEX Approved Gas Detection Systems

Breweries are extremely flammable work environments. Avoid accidents by detecting hazards early. Our ATEX certified gas detectors are designed to detect gas hazards in potentially flammable environments.

Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring

Breweries work with high Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations for the brewing process during the fermentation process and other steps. Carbon dioxide (CO2) being heavier than air, can accumulate in low lying areas and cellars. Carbon dioxide levels above the exposure limit can cause oxygen depletion. Our range of fixed CO2 gas detectors can be equipped with oxygen detection sensors to ensure safety.

Portable Gas Detectors for Personal protection

Our infrared gas detectors are optimal for personal use in flammable environments. They help keep your employees safe during routine checks or maintenance of your brewery tanks and equipment. Our range of multi-gas portable detectors can also check for hazards like oxygen depletion in confined spaces. Personnel entering a brewing tank or other enclosed place must be equipped with a reliable portable gas detector.

Keep Your Breweries Safe

Brewery Gas Detection Experts


Breweries frequently operate without a permanent gas monitoring solution, which can lead to a gas leak being undetected. This can result in deadly accidents that harm individuals, property, and the structure as a whole. Carbon dioxide is extremely toxic and, if not detected early, can lead to asphyxiation.

Our ATEX certified gas detection solutions can help you efficiently monitor and regulate any hazardous gases that may pose a threat to your establishment. With the team at Quantum Scientific, we also provide round the clock assistance and also educate your in-house employees on best practices to ensure safety without hindering your day-to-day activities.


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Our reputed clientele includes Industries, manufacturing sites, government institutions, educational establishments. We keep our clientele growing with our commitment to providing quality gas detection technology

We Are Ireland’s Leading Gas Detection And Safety Solutions Provider

Quantum Scientific Ltd helps you to keep your Brewery running smoothly with the strategic placement of gas monitors and sensors in your Brewery. Getting the best brew is often arduous due to the precision of the process involved. We understand your difficulties and believe that we can offer you the best solutions you need to make your life easier.

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