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Gas Hazards in Brewing Industry

Due to its rapid expansion, the brewing industry requires extremely precise and rigorous safety requirements. The brewing sector involves the use of different gases, particularly CO2 which can be harmful to the on-site personnel. Air monitoring and reducing gas hazards have been a concern and the need for monitoring gases has increased substantially.


Even a low CO2 level of 0.5% can be harmful and since CO2 has no smell, colour, or taste, it cannot be detected by the human nose making it a legal obligation to install a gas monitoring system in places where CO2 is used. 


Quantum Scientific’s CO2 Monitors and other gas monitoring instruments can be utilized in a variety of sectors to solve air monitoring issues.

gas detection for breweries

Common Risks in Brewing

Hazardous gases that are present in the brewing process most frequently include Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen, and Ammonia. Among these, the two most harmful gases are CO2 and ammonia. Carbon Dioxide exposure can lead to a variety of issues, from breathing difficulties and sweating to lethargy, and vomiting at higher exposure levels.


Breweries work with high Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations for the brewing process during the fermentation process and other steps. Carbon dioxide (CO2) being heavier than air, can accumulate in low-lying areas and cellars. Carbon dioxide levels above the exposure limit can cause oxygen depletion. Our range of fixed CO2 Monitors can be equipped with oxygen detection sensors to ensure safety.

Solutions For C02 Monitoring

Setting up a fixed CO2 detecting system is one way. This permanent system includes a gas measuring head with a CO2 monitor in the room where CO2 could be in high concentration coupled to a control panel placed in a different room that is safe and CO2-free. To check our range of fixed CO2 Monitors click here


Using portable CO2 Monitors is another more comfortable way. CO2 levels can be measured using a portable CO2 Monitor by an individual carrying the device in a room with a potential CO2 outbreak. We have a wide variety of portable CO2 Monitors, to choose the right one for your brewery click here.

ATEX Approved Gas Detection Systems

Breweries are extremely flammable work environments due to the use of various gases. The oxygen level in such cases can decrease drastically which can prove to be harmful to the health of the workmen. Detecting such hazards early is the best way to ensure a safe workplace. 


Our ATEX-certified gas detectors are designed to detect gas hazards and inform you about potentially flammable environments.

Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring

Breweries use high concentrations of CO2 in the brewing process, especially during the fermentation process. As Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is heavier than air it can pool in low-lying areas, displacing the oxygen present in such places which can cause asphyxiation. 


To avoid the disposition and depletion of oxygen by CO2 use of gas monitors that monitor the concentration of a gas in a particular room is highly advised. Our range of fixed and portable CO2 monitors can be equipped with oxygen detection sensors to ensure safety.

Portable Gas Detectors for Personal Protection

Not every facility may have the space for a fixed gas monitoring system. To tackle that, we have a range of Infrared gas monitors which are optimal for personal use in hazardous situations or during routine checks or maintenance of your brewery tanks and equipment.


Our range of multi-gas portable detectors can also check for hazards like oxygen depletion in confined spaces. Personnel entering a brewing tank or other enclosed place must be equipped with a reliable portable gas monitor


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