Boiler Room Gas Detection

Boiler Room Gas Detection Specialists
Secure Your Boiler Rooms With Our Gas Detection Systems

Let’s Tackle Flammable Gas Hazards

  • Boiler rooms use natural gas and other combustible fuels gases that could leak and cause accidents

  • The chance of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide buildup is high in boiler rooms

  • Other by-products of fuel combustion can cause health issues if not detected early

All-Round Boiler Room Gas Monitoring

It doesn’t matter what you own – a small boiler room or a large scale room for an entire building. Quantum Scientific helps you set up the right gas detection system for you. Analyse and choose from our wide range of fixed gas detectors for your boiler room. 

ATEX Approved Gas Detection Systems

Boiler rooms use combustible gases like Methane and LPG for fuel. The chance of a leak and potential explosions are high without proper gas detection systems. Our ATEX certified gas detectors are engineered to operate in potentially flammable environments 

Strategic Placement and Early Detection

Boiler room gas-detection-system installation is a complicated process. It requires various sensors and gas monitors placed strategically at particular locations for early detection. The process will help you shut down the fuel gas to help you avoid accidents. Experts at QSL will help you in securing your boiler rooms after evaluating your site. 

Our range of Infrared personal gas monitors can ensure safe gas detection in potentially flammable environments.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Boiler rooms use fuel gases like Methane which often burns partially to produce carbon monoxide. The density of carbon monoxide allows it to travel easily through air vents and other passageways. This could be potentially fatal for everybody present in the building. Our Carbon monoxide detectors detect dangerous gases early on and relay the information to your central control system to help you take the necessary safety precautions. 

Portable Gas Detectors for Personal protection

Our infrared gas detectors are optimal for personal use in flammable environments. They help keep your employees safe during routine checks or maintenance of your boiler room machinery. Our range of multi-gas portable detectors can also check for hazards like carbon monoxide in confined areas. 

Keep Your Building Warm Without Any Risks

Boiler rooms often function without a permanent gas monitoring solution, which can cause a gas leak to go undetected. This can cause fatal accidents that can affect the people, the goods and the building as a whole.

Gas detection systems in boiler rooms primarily eliminate these threats by triggering valve actuators. If a combustible gas like LPG or natural gas is detected, the sensor will send information to a controller that will cut off the gas supply by shutting down the solenoid valve. 

We Are Ireland’s Leading Gas Detection And Safety Solutions Provider

Quantum scientific ltd helps you through all steps from choosing the right sensors and devices for your site to training and routine maintenance.

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