The XDIWIN-F1 is an Exd detector with window feature display, housed within our high-grade aluminium alloy casing. Approvals include ATEX and IECEX.The GDS XDI-F1win is designed to operate in hazardous and challenging environments protecting the safety of your personnel and site.

The GDS XDIwin-F1 is an explosion-proof gas detector featuring an onboard display, relays, 4-20mA, and CAN bus outputs. The unit is available with electrochemical, catalytic, semiconductor, and infrared sensor options for all your hazardous area gas detection needs.


The GDS XDIwin-F1 is a gas detector featuring an onboard display, 4-20mA relays and the CAN bus. The units are equipped for all your hazardous area gas detection needs with electrochemical, catalytic, semiconductor and infrared sensor options.


The GDS XDI-F1win can operate independently or as part of a multi-point system setup that connects several gas detectors to a central control panel. The monitor has the added capability of stand-alone operation, initiating alarms, horns, or fans, as well as shutting down a system without the need to link back to a central control panel, thanks to its onboard relays. The GDS XDI-F1 additionally has a relay deactivation feature to prevent unintentional alarm activation during calibrations. The units also provide simple non-intrusive calibration, an easy-to-read display, customizable alerts, and onboard sensor life indicators.


  • Explosion-proof
  • Rugged and reliable
  • 3 alarm points
  • Addressable or Stand Alone
  • ECex rated
  • Three alarm points
  • CAN Bus and 4-20mA outputs
  • Detects Toxic, Flammables and Oxygen
  • Electrochemical, Catalytic, Infrared and PID Sensor Options
  • Backlit alphanumeric full status display
  • Non-intrusive adjustment magnets
  • One man calibration




Certifications Explosion-proof ATEX IECEx
112G Exd IIC T6-T3 Gb
112D Extb IIIC T85˚C Db
Power Supply 15 to 30vDC 24v nominal
Outputs 3 wire 4~20mA / 4 wire CANbus
Relays Low alarm S.P.C.O / High alarm S.P.C.O / Fault alarm S.P.C.O
Rating 0.5A @30vDC
Inhibit option during servicing
Logging Intervals – one minute to one hour / Storage – 2,880 readings
Display 2 line alphanumeric backlit status display: gas type, concentrating units, alarm levels, alarm status, low/high/over range), sensor ID, inhibit
Indicators – Alarm – Red LED / Fault – Amber LED (flashing when in inhibit)
Housing Material Copper-free aluminium alloy, optional stainless steel
Finish Chemical resistant epoxy paint / Optional – Marine-grade finish / Sensor material – Stainless Steel 316516
Ingress Protection IP63 + weather shield IP65
Cable Entry 2 x M20 – 1.5 pitch – alternatives 25mm – 3/4 NPT
Weight 1.6kg
Temperature -15˚C to +55˚C
See certification for Exd use
Humidity 0 to 99% RH non-condensing
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