Sorbent Tubes

Sorbent Tubes

SKC offers nearly 50 years of expertise and over 100 sorbent tubes for validated methods and specialty applications. When you choose SKC sorbent tubes, you get the support of experienced scientists, low-background sorbents, quality manufacturing, QC data online, repeatable performance, and accurate sampling.

Sorbent tubes for air sampling


The sorbent in sorbent tubes is one of the types of sampling media used in air sampling, onto/into which the contaminant is collected. SKC produced the first commercial sorbent tube for NIOSH in 1973. Since then, SKC has remained on the leading edge of sorbent tube sampling by maintaining consistently high sorbent quality, expanding tube availability, and advancing sorbent technology.

Health and safety professionals around the globe at national and local levels choose SKC sorbent tubes for:

  • Quality and reliability for compliance sampling
  • Reproducible recoveries and low standard deviation
  • Large lots with consistent results
  • A complete line of tubes for occupational and environmental methods
  • Fast delivery
  • Responsive customer service and free technical support.


We offer sorbent tubes are offered in specific compounds depending on your need. Available sorbent tubes:

  • Silica gel sorbent tubes
  • Anasorb sorbent tubes
  • Charcoal sorbent tubes
  • Tenax sorbent tubes
  • XAD sorbent tubes
  • Chromosorb sorbent tubes
  • Polyurethane foam (PUF) tubes
  • Porapak sorbent tubes
  • OSHA versatile sampler (OVS) tubes
  • Thermal Desorption tubes
  • Diffusive TD tubes for VOCs
  • Specific sorbent tubes (carbon bead, drying tubes, firebrick, florisil, Molecular sieve,oxidizer and soda-lime tubes)
  • Customized sorbent tubes
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