Touchpoint™ Plus Controller

Touchpoint™ Plus Controller

Touchpoint™ Plus is an easily configurable, wall mounted control system that supports up to sixteen channels of gas detection. Its intuitive user interface and modular approach enables you to take control and configure what you need for a wide range of applications.

TouchpointTM Plus takes the user experience to new heights. With its one-of-a-kind user interface, operators can take command of their gas detection system, ensuring that their site and personnel are secure and productivity is maintained.


Touchpoint™ Plus’ modular architecture, which is designed to function across different industries, allows you to modify your system to match your individual application requirements.


Large LCD touchscreen

Touchpoint™ Plus is built for ease, with an intuitive, ergonomic touchscreen. By just touching the screen, operators may configure, operate, and maintain their gas detection system in a simple and effective manner. The multilingual interface simplifies operation while lowering training needs and costs. Real-time data is provided in an easy-to-use menu system, and past data may be downloaded to keep track of developing threats.


At a glance system visibility

Touchpoint™ Plus’ full-colour traffic light style status indicators give clarity from a distance, allowing operators to see system status at-a-glance and make time-critical choices effectively.

The Modbus output option makes it simple to combine your gas detection with a higher-level management system.


Unique industrial design

Touchpoint™ Plus is a versatile and durable device made of high-impact polymer plastic. It is dust- and water-proof, and it has been tested to resist the harshest environments in which our customers operate – both indoors and outdoors. Touchpoint™ Plus can be directly wall-mounted, or an optional mounting plate is available for a one-man installation. There is plenty of wire space under the hinged front cover, as well as a unique tiered terminal arrangement for convenient access. Cable entries are pre-drilled and sealed, decreasing installation time and cost even further.


Honeywell Analytics’ full system solution

Touchpoint™ Plus provides a reliable safety solution for small scale gas detection systems across a wide range of applications and industries. As the heart of your gas detection system, Touchpoint™ Plus is designed to work with Honeywell’s industry-leading gas detectors and drive actuators, audible and visual alarms to provide a complete end-to-end, highly configurable safety solution.

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